Hi, I'm Ryan Snyder.

I am a food enthusiast, digital product leader, and web developer who lives in Portland, Oregon.

I founded the recipe and nutritional data platform, Foodgeeks. The recipes and nutritional data form the basis for Tummy, a HIPAA-compliant food and symptom journal for nutritional therapists and their patients.

I write about and photograph making sausage and bacon from scratch at Meat Club.

I consult with startups and enterprise organizations to help ship digital product at my firm, GeekSpeak.

Formerly, I worked for Thunderhead, Simple, Mozilla, was a co-founder of the location-based service Shizzow (failed), and was the founder of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer training platform Cram Session (acquired).

I graduated from The Ohio State University with Bachelors' degrees in English and Italian. For my senior project, I translated Giovanni Pascoli's poems to English.

You may find me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

My previous writing can be found at Winegeeks, noms.in, Scribd and on my retired blog. My previous photos can be found on Flickr.