Hi, I'm Ryan Snyder.

I am a food enthusiast, product manager and web developer who lives in Portland, Oregon.

I founded the recipe website Foodgeeks. The recipes and nutritional data form the basis for Tummy, a nutritional therapists platform that helps therapists working with clients who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders and food sensitivities.

For kicks, I wrote an e-book about charcuterie called Meat Club and wrote about wine on Winegeeks.

I rarely blog, but when I do it's about miscellaneous food-related topics, like the clean gut diet or Turkish coffee. I also occasionally post videos about the origins of food.

Formerly, I worked for Thunderhead, Simple, Mozilla, was a co-founder of the location-based service Shizzow (failed), and was the founder of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer training platform Cram Session (acquired).

I graduated from The Ohio State University with Bachelors' degrees in English and Italian. For my senior project, I translated Giovanni Pascoli's poems to English.

You may find me on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

My previous and non-food writing can be found on Scribd and my retired blog.